Veli-Bet: a skill that will help earn a paint

Veli-Beth in king is a bet made by a player with strong cards in order to provoke a kol from an opponent with a weaker hand and to get maximum profit therefore. In other words, Veli-Beth is a bet on the value of a hand.

In order for your opponent to put money in the bank, you need to put and raise yourself. Inexperienced players often stab, wait and choke with strong hands. However, such a game is counter-productive because it does not allow you to win the maximum possible amount of money. Of course, there are situations when the Slouplai is justified, but you should not admire it.


We are on Batton with a hand 33 and decide to hold an opponent’s rail from an average position. Appears flop A, 9, 3 and preflop-aggressor is betting. The mistake of many players will play just the kol here. In fact, we have a great opportunity to get extra veil rail, at hands with ace and various drops. In the following streets (Torni, Rivne), the opponent’s aggression will in most cases decrease, so profit will be more difficult.

One of the main theories of poker says: don’t lose the opportunity to enlarge the bank when you have a strong hand. A key factor that prevents newcomers to make thoughtful ribbons and pick up serious banks is the gap and fear of losing many chips. However, regular repetition of this mistake will cause defeat to become much more noticeable than victories and bankrolust will just melt.