EXTRAINT CAMBEK: Viktor Malinovsky spinned from 4 blinds and won $ 273,800

Viktor Malinovsky demonstrates incredible results in the Super Millions Hirolery Tournament. Over the past one and a half months, he was 4 times at the final table, he reached the hedz-up three times and won twice twice.

Belarusian poterist and super-stall of expensive cache Viktor Malinovsky again made his way at the final table of the chief hiroler’s online tournament of the week Super Millions with Bay-in 10 300 dollars. Everyone predicted him confrontation with another poker-about Aica Hexton, who also had a powerful stack.

However, at the start of the final table the most notable player was a Brazilian Dennis Ramos. His aggressive behavior at the table forced Chris Clodnitsky to put 5-bet oll-in with various KQ. Brazilian caught an opponent with a pocket pair of kings. After a few handwriting, Ramos had already had aces with whom he knocked out another opponent.

A series of successful distribution helped Dennis to become a huge chiplider finale. For a long time he kept his position while others fought desperately to survive every pigamp.

Dennis Ramos / Photo Mundopoker.com.br

At the stage 6-max Viktor Malinovsky stayed with a stack of 4 BB. At this point, he was seriously lucky some important exhibitions were in favor of Belarus. In 3-max. Brazilian frankly did not get in that distribution leaving in the game a serious opponent.

Through a few distribution began hedz-up. Ramos knocked out Aika Hexton, Therefore, a duel with an advantage behind the chips is 7 times. However, Malinovsky did not give up quickly and eventually managed to do something incredible.

Game face-to-face lasted one and a half hours. The stacks were aligned, and soon Victor took over the advantage. In the decisive distribution of fortune was prone to Belarus. Initially, Malinovsky won the prefabe of exhibition with K4 against A8, and then caught the king on Torne after exposing a pair of Ramos on the flop. Thus, Viktor Malinovsky became a Super Millions champion for the third time, and his total prize in this tournament came to the mark $ 3,500,000.

Super Millions Final Table: See Video