Have time to earn millions even before quarantine: the most successful pakes of 2020

The coronavirus pandemic ruthlessly hit sports (as, after all, in other spheres of life). Suffer, in particular, and pokerists. Quarantine threw out a huge number of tournaments from the calendar of players. Canceled and Main Forum – WSOP. So we introduce you to those professionals who have made the most money in 2020.

The collapse of a world series of poker and cancellation of a whole list of other big forums will seriously hit the wallet of professionals. The belts will have absolutely everyone. But there are a few guys who seem to smell the trouble. And from the very beginning of the year have taken care of diligently "tour" in tournaments where they were taught on full.

In the year 2020, more than two million dollars earned seven pointers. Among them are Michael Addama, Christoph Lupilsang, Carey Katz and Phil Fua. Each of these guys earned two to two and a half million dollars.

The top three is opened by Star Belarus Nikita Bodyakovsky. In 2020 it has already become richer by $ 2.6 million. Belorussian worked most in Sochi. On a million series Nikita won one triumph and once became the third. This ultimately replenished his score as far as more than 2.3 million "Bucks".

Nikita Bodyakovsky. Photo: AcademyPoker

Second place is held by Australian Kale Burns. He took diligence. Kale gave a powerful series of successful performances in Nottingham, Melbourne and Sochi. As a result, Burns earned almost three million dollars in 2020.

Kale Burns. Photo: Twitter

And the extremely confident leadership holds Timothy Adams. Differently than the enchanting game of the star Canadian is difficult to bang. See for yourself. Australia, where Adams reached the final table, was completed by two triumphs in the tournaments twice.

Further Timothy moved to Sochi. There he won Maine Ient among Hayrolers and earned more than $ 3.5 million. So the total earnings of a star Canadian for 2020 is now as much as $ 5.8 million! This allowed Adams to break into the twenty most successful players in poker history.