The battle of poker titans under threat of breakdown

We will remind, this duel promised to become one of the most anticipated in the year. After all, the rivals put not only money on the horse. Negrean and Regiment are ancient poker enemies. The meeting had to start already on November 1st.

The parties agreed a lot: date, amount (everyone had to make a million dollars), as well as the number of distributions and limits ($ 25,000, $ 200/400). Each session they are going to play for at least two hours and at once two tables at a time.

And agreeing the key match rules, Negrean and Regiment suddenly began to quarrel with other details. The boys argued fervently about which auxiliaries can be used. It is about analytical programs on which professionals form a strategy for a match.

Daniel requires a battle without none "Cheat". Dag also stated that he was preparing for a duel, so he wants to be allowed to see prepared notes and charts. Subsequently the regiment generally assured that Negrean is banal "merges" from the match and just looking for a drive to break the duel. Further rivals continued to measure characters and eloquence: everyone told that "And so went on significant concessions". So whether the poker battle is a big question.