“I would cheat even my grandmother if she sat with me at the table” – bright poker quotes

Poker – a sport of intellectuals, smart people. In addition, really successful in this game can only be confident in themselves. Therefore, it is logical that a combination of mind and confidence has made a lot of loud quotes.

Many fans and professional players believe that the closest to the laconic description of the essence of poker is the legendary Doyle Branson:

Poker is the game of people. This is the most important thing to understand. People and strategy you use against them. In the poker need to understand people more than in any other game

Not every star player at least once but declared his version of the essence of poker. Everyone has a unique opinion. Views in one – during the game on the surface is the true nature of man: his fears, courage and ability to control herself.

But what is the opinion of professionals coincides with almost all 100%, so it is in the role of good luck in the poison. Almost all players assure that the main thing is the level of skill, not a fart. That Doyle Branson said:

Oh, "How lucky me"… I have been heard for so many years!

He was supported by Chris Ferguson, a triumphant of the 2005 WSOP Main Event:

One day in king consists of 10% skills and 90% good luck. But the year in king is 90% skills and 10% of the.

Another opinion has a flamboyant Phil Helmut:

If there was no good luck in the king then I would win every hand.

As we have already mentioned, there is enough bright persons in the poker. They are not licking in their pockets. Lord of the Three WSOP Bracelets Date Boyd once said:

Poker – like sex: everyone thinks he’s the best but most don’t even understand what they do.

And there are many interesting poker quotes in the movies. For example, the hero’s goal of Damon in a cult picture "Schuler" issued: