World stars play nearly $ 13 million in poker duels

Phil Helmut and Antonio Esfandari will start a new poker show "High Stakes Duel", which is already on July 30 on American television. The first duel promises a hot spectacle, because there are old bills between pokerists.

The Battle Hedz-up will take place in extreme format. The first round in which, in addition to Helmut and Esfandari, they will play a few more poker stars, starts with bay-in at 50 thousand dollars. At each subsequent stage the amount of starting contribution is doubled. In addition, a loser of the duel is entitled to a revenge. Therefore, the maximum amount of the prize fund can reach an incredible $ 12.8 million.

The principle of debut confrontation between Helmut and Estfandari adds long -term competition between players. Antonio challenged the champion of the world when he was still young and unknown. Esfandari came home to Helmut to find out in Hedz-Apa’s relationship. Subsequently suggested legend to play one-on-one with the condition that the victorious will get a stroke of the stunter.

Helmut promises to strike a much more painful blow to the wallet of a principled opponent already within a television show. Although recognizes that Esfandari is a strong nut. And this, in particular, confirms the numbers. During the poker career Antonio won the prize by almost 4.5 million more than a phyla. On the side of Helmut, a more solid experience, backed by the title of the most titled player in the history of tournament poker.