Crazy Money: Power Picked on online over $ 7,000,000 in one tournament

A Super Millions Hayroler tournament with a high guaranteed prize fund was held at the WSOP Winter Circuit 2022 series. Winner received WSOP Circuit Champion Ring and over $ 1,000,000.

Super Millions tournament traditionally is $ 10,300. After several qualifying days, the total prize fund of the event stopped on a fantastic mark – 7 220,000 dollars. Most of the money was played by the participants of the final table where Latvian Hayroler Alexei Poniakov made his way with the biggest stack.

On the eve of the final table, which was broadcast in YouTube, poker community gave the undeniable leadership of Latvine, as well as Visbrod Barack and Michael Watson – they all had experience in major tournaments and, accordingly, victories. The least chances to start the game had Israeli debutant Super Millions with Nick "Corenkas".

With the shortest stack of 17 bb he had twice less chips from the nearest player. And from Chip-leader Poniakov Israeli was in general 6 times 6 times. But not only at the World Cup in the Saudi Arabia national football championship can beat Argentina. The poker also happens miracles.

Exactly "Corenkas", Surviving in the first 2 hours, he was able to find the right moment and resurrect like a phenix from ashes even when he had a stack of less than 5 BB. A few successful junctions won the triple hal-in brought it to the top of the chip caunta.

Success accompanied the Israeli poterist and in the future. As a result, he met with Alexei Poniakov and Diao Bing. "Corenkas" quickly dealt with opponents by sensationally taking away the victory, 1 095 775 dollars prizes as well as WSOP Circuit Ring.