900 thousand euros in “minus”: Galfund took a break in a challenge

Recall that this battle alone is debut in the so -called Galfond Challenge. The point is to play a hedz-up with 25,000 handouts and stay on plus. The winner receives a considerable financial reward. Such a call to all those who wanted Hirolers was thrown by Phil Galfon. Consent to the duel as a result gave six pokerists. Except "Veni", This is an online player "Actionfreak" and the stars of offline Perkins, Kates and Schwartz.

True, now Galfond Challenge under threat of breakdown. After all in the first duel Phil decided to take a pause. Unexpectedly but the American cannot pick up the keys to the mysterious "Veni". Galfon’s lag exceeded 900,000 euros. And this despite the fact that the opponents have not yet played 10,000 distribution.

Phil decided to change the rules just during the competition. The American announced that he was carrying a session that had to take place on Tuesday night. He confessed that he simply is unable to force his brain to work as it takes.

According to the Rules, a session player must pay an opponent’s fine of 3,000 euros. Galfund reported not plans to return to duel at least by March.

Galfondchallnge. Photo: PokerNews

It is then that the American has to announce whether he continues to fight or seem. If Phil recognizes his defeat then except 900,000 euros he will be forced to pay "Veni" another 200,000 euros.

It should be noted that earlier Galfon planned at the end of February not only to complete a duel with the first rival, but also to start battle with the next opponent.

Galfond Challenge has become one of the main poker events of the beginning of the year. And many fans do not hide his disappointment with the decision of Phil to leave hedz-up in suspended state. After all, not just a battle with "Veni", But all other planned duels.