Millions of Millions: PokerMatch announced the Hirolery Tournament

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On the online platform Pokermatch will take place another MTT expert Rum tournament Gleb Tremzin. This time participants are waiting for a record warranty of the event 2 500 000 UAH.

The leading Rum of the PokerMatch country is preparing a real Hirolery battle. For the first time, the tournament will be 10,000 hryvnias and knockout-5,000 hryvnias. Grand Event Tremzin’s High Rolller KO starts December 4 at 8:00 pm.

Traditionally, all players will have a chance to get additional prizes for knocking out PokerMatch expert. For every knockout Gleb Tremzin is given 5,000 tournament hryvnias. Still "Ti0373" It was not possible to break to ITM in their name tournaments on PokerMatch, so experienced Hiroler prepares for a busy game on the online site of Ukrainian Rum.

To get into the super tournament Tremzin’s High Rolller ko can be with the help of daily satellites where the warranty is 3 and 4 tickets. Also in Ruma special SITs are held&GO Satellites Road to Tremzin’s High Rolller with Bay-in-Inhi from 1.10 UAH.

Tremzin’s High Roller KO’s final table will be broadcast in open cards and commentators on the YouTub channel PokerMatch, so each participants have a chance to become a star of this ether.