A professional poker in one evening lost over $ 100,000

Benjamin Rolle, known in online under nickname "BENCB", seriously went in "minus" Following Sunday. On that day right on the arrow he loaded tournaments totaling $ 135,000, and made prizes for 7,500.

Regulars of this level do not pass by any Heyrolery series, and when they are held in parallel in several ruma, the session can be very expensive. Benjamin Rolle is one of the best online players in poker. But even the professionals have failures.

It was one of the most favorable days for Benjamin Roll late. At the end of the stream when it moved again, "BENCB" confessed that it would not be better at all.

Try to keep the concentration. But remember that sometimes you will be seriously given on your head, – summed the poterist at the end of the stream.

Viewers in online witnessed that the life of a professional poker consists not only of victories. Benjamin Rolle in 4 different tournaments was purchased three times but nowhere he has never succeeded. And contributions to some events of such series make up more than $ 10,000.