The largest bank in the history of the online cover: To whom did the record amount get

It has been 13 years since the giant bank between Patrick Antonius and Victor Bloom was on online on online. Then the Finnish Powerist won for one hand in cache from Omaha 1 356 946.

With the appearance Coin Poker, where payments are made in cryptocurrency, the times of overwhelming limits and crazy amounts have returned. Last week, Tony Ji in his Rum organized a mini-series of tournaments with high bay-in, and now he dared to cache with cryptocurrencies.

Tony Ji / Photo PokerNews

Haistex-Satelands Activity grew up to Blinds $ 1,000/2 000. On the night of January 17, a record bank was played in Ruma Lithuania with the participation of Tony Ji. Outing the prefaber with Leon Cveshlynik, who, incidentally, is now in the PokerMatch UA Millions in Kiev, the bank was found at the bank 1 820 663 dollars. This is a new world record in an online cover.

A record bank screen in online / photo

The distribution happened at the table from the Omaha, both got the ace and eventually divided the bank. True, the casino owner "Kings" Leon Zhucher on the same day at the other table lost a similar distribution "omaha4rollz" worth 1 218 919 dollars.