A two -meter poker legend is the story of the odious record holder of Phil Helmut

Let’s start with good. American enters the top 20 most successful poker in the whole story. For his grand career Phil has already earned almost $ 23.5 million. In 2007, he was brought to the hall of Power Glory.

Helmut’s status is the most loudest that he is a record holder by the number of champion of the world series of poker – 15. The first Trophy Wsop American won back in 1989. Then he triumphaped in the main event. At the case of the extreme bracelet-in 2018.

Helmut’s figure inspires many new generation players. He at one time quit his studies at the university for the sake of poker. The wife of a two -meter legend (officially Philo growth 201 centimeter) Katherine is also professionally engaged in Poker.

Americans like to invite an expert in a variety of television shows and poker broadcasts. It is not surprising: Phil has everything to keep the audience’s attention. It is both the status and the courage to speak straight and the main glory of a man who is not climbing in his pocket.

Actually, we have softened the hammer’s hatter.

American is quite reasonably considers himself a huge star. So sometimes he allows himself not to hold back in statements.

If nothing depended on Fortuna, then I think I would win all tournaments.

Non -Current phrases – a phyla business card. He says what he thinks. It’s not scary yet.

Helmut’s true benefit begins when his opponent is frankly talented. American is not able to endure bitter defeat. Not everyone is important "moving" He meets prickly ranking at opponent.

Phil Helmut. Photo: Cardschat

The most prominent episode occurred in 2008. Helmut was bought on Christian Dragomir’s bluff. After dropping the cards, he asked the opponent to show his hand. Would better refuse. Seeing the top ten and four, Phil began to call Christian an idiot.

Of course, the conflicting nature of the American led to the fights. In particular, with Sam Grizzley.

But no matter how tongue and odious Helmut may be, it does not select from him the status of legend and poker star.