Poker Learning: Five Tips on Choosing Coach

With the rapid development of poker to players, the question of learning is increasingly raised, since self -assimilation of all tricks can take a long period of time. In this case, most problems can be a great solution to a trainer. But how to choose it? Look for an answer in our material.

1. The trainer must be an acting player.

Poker develops at a rapid pace that knowledge of 4-5 years ago may be quite useless for a modern player. Of course, the mathematical bases of the game cannot be changed, but new solutions in tactics appear almost every month. That is why the trainer must constantly improve their own skills to convey to students the most relevant knowledge.

2. Plus game.

A very important criterion! The coaching services market is overflowing with charlatans who have not beat any more or less worthy limit. The teacher should show a good plus on a long game segment at least 100,000 hands.

3. The trainer should not play high limits.

Every beginner dreams of becoming a legendary Hiroler student who earns hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Unfortunately, playing high limits is very different from what you can see at the start of your careers and Hirolelers’ skills will not be useful for yesterday’s lover. The first poker coach should play 2 or 3 limits above you – only then the information will give a strong impulse forward.

4. Ability to teach.

Another important criterion that depends on the performance of the classes. Be sure to talk to the trainer before starting and discuss the program with him. The teacher should be able to convey his opinion to the student both in written and orally.

5. Reviews of students.

Before giving the study to study, it will not be superfluous to study the reviews of past students and carefully analyze them. Did they have succeeded? How fast did it happen? What impression did the trainer leave? Answers to these questions will help make the right solution.

Profile forums are filled with proposals from coaches, but only a small part of them is actually able to make a newcomer of a professional player. Use our tips and eventually you will surely conquer your poker Everest. Happiness!