Club for the elected: “The Glory Hall of Power”

Give a clear assessment of a successful poker career the task is a thankless. For someone it is tens of millions of dollars prize, for others numerous records and regalia. But no matter how well it happens directly in the game, the true climax of the career is to get to "Halls of glory of poker".

The idea to create a kind of elite club emerged in 1979 at the initiative of Benny Benion, the owner of one of the casino in Las Vegas. Since then, the list of “Power Glory Halls” has been renewed every year with new names. The candidates carefully selects a special commission, and the solemn ceremony takes place after the main event is completed. The applicant must meet clear criteria.

  • The candidate should reach 40 years of age
  • He should regularly speak at prestigious poker competitions
  • The applicant should play high limits
  • He should earn the respect of rivals and the public
  • The “hall” can get a person who does not play poker but has done a lot to promote and develop the game

"The hall of the poker". Photo: Lasvegastoppicks

So the list is not missing unexpected names. One of the first to "Halls of glory" entered "Wild" White hika who played in poker in classic salks. There is also a 18th century figure Edmond Hoil, who came up with the rules of several Cartard Games.

The lion’s share of “Cower Halls” – World Champions, or very titled and famous players – Doyle Branson, Phil Helmut, Daniel Negrean, Phil Ivai. Last year, the list was replenished. The names of this year’s candidates are still unknown.