Barcelona Star Gerard Pike earned on king more than half a million euro

A talented athlete is talented in everything. Many large and even cult stars of other sports have chosen poker in the hobby. And for Catalan players "Barcelons" Gerard Pike and Arturo Vidal This game has become a good earning.

Picke in football won almost everything that only possible. He is the World and Europe Champion, the Champions League triumph and the planet’s club championship.

Looks like success on green fields to the Spanish national team is not enough. He is a permanent participant in home stages of the European Poker Tour series. To tournaments outside Barcelona Pike does not go through an active football career. But in the hometown of Gerard shows high results.

This year he is "Lived" to the final table. What is interesting together with another player "Barcelons" Chilean Arturov Vidal. Arturo took fifth place and earned his first poker prize – over 134,000 euros.

Gerard Pike and Arturo Vidal. Source:

Gerard Pike as a result became the second. His win was 352 thousand euros. At this time, this is the best fee in the poker career of the player. The Spaniard has already earned more than half a million euros on offline tournaments. Don’t peak the only one. Sayer is engaged in a lot of star athletes.

For example, the owner of five "Gold balls" Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo. In his spare time he loves bluff at the table. Among the players fashion on poker is traced. Here you and Brazilian Neymar and Italian Jigi Buffon. And also the legend of Brazilian Ronaldo. He has long completed his career, so the time for poker has a good time.

Cristiano Ronaldo. Source: AcademyPoker

The hard -working pointers are legendary Americans. Basketball player Koby Braiant and swimmer 23-time Olympic champion Michael Pelps. Rumor, surprisingly skillful in this case is a tennis star Raphael Nadal.

Interest and love for poker of the main figures of other sports emphasizes that it is a play of kings.